Sight & Sound Production Services, Inc.
Gaffer/LD Wages and Conditions

Day Rates
Rates are for ten hour days, time and a half for hours over ten, and overtime rate of double time after twelve. All consulting and scouting rates are on a per hourly/portal to portal basis.

Cancellation within one business day of scheduled time will be subject to the full applicable rates.

Down Days
Down days, rain-outs, and stand-by rates are at 2/3 single day rate.

Premium Day Rates
A premium 2x rate is required on all Sundays and federal holidays.

Transportation costs, single accommodation lodging, per deims, etc. are additional. Travel days are 2/3 prevailing day rate. Driving production vehicles constitute a 10-hour day rate, portal to portal.

Ten hour turnaround is to be observed. Invaded hours will be 2x hourly rate until the tenth hour trunaround has been reached.

Meal Times
Meals are within six hour intervals of crew call and not to exceed one hour in length off the clock, the second meal must be a HOT meal if the first meal is not. Meal penalty of $7.50 per half hour or factions thereof for violation of serving a late meal. $10.00 for second half hour and $15.00 for third half hour of violation.


Producer/production company will carry adequate All Risk Insurance covering all aspects of Productions.

Collective Bargaining
If in the event a collective bargaining agreement exceeds these terms & conditions, then the collective bargaining agreement shall prevail and shall in all areas not noted herein. Payroll services are available to accommodate collective bargaining requirements.

All payments are paid "upon receipt" ***C.O.D.*** please write payment check in the name of:

***Sight & Sound Production Services, Inc.***





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